Thank you for visiting Good Lab Outfitters!  We’re so glad you came.  We are undergoing a gradual site reconstruction and updating process.  So, please come by often…. there could be something new every day!  It is a blessing to share our love of Labradors with you.  We breed AKC purebred yellow, black and chocolate Labrador Retrievers pressing toward continued improvement with each litter, always aiming to produce ideal structure, balance, and movement, along with their beautiful, signature head, coat, and otter tail, as well as their loving, teachable personalities in accordance with the AKC Labrador Breed Standard.  Our focus is moving toward what is considered more of an ‘English type’  in our puppies, which will be a little fuller bodied labs than the field bred labs, pursuing the perfect all-around Labrador.  A typical true field bred Lab tends to be a little leaner and more streamlined, appropriate and common for field trials, serious hunting, and demanding work such as Search and Rescue and the like.  These tasks often require a greater stamina to work long hours in strenuous situations, which makes a true field bred Lab perfect for this purpose.  Of course the field bred bloodlines make fantastic family and companion dogs as well since they are indeed amazing Labradors… but they do typically need a little more work, interaction, and play time from day to day as they simply are too intelligent and driven to lounge around too, too much.  Although I am moving toward producing a little more ‘typey’ English Lab pup, having bit of champion field lines in some of our girls will only enhance the great versatility and potential of what our families may do well with our pups, as well as aid toward adhering to the pursuit of producing the classic all-around Labrador in line with the Breed Standard.  Producing litters is so exciting as each one poses so much potential to be huge blessings to those around them.  We are committed to improving with each and every litter, and greatly research and consider each pairing to ensure the best possible health, beauty, temperament, conformation, and versatility for our puppies and their families.

Aside from my ‘human’ family, these labs are a huge part of my life and a tremendous passion.  They have impacted my life in countless ways, and it is my hope and prayer they will continue to ‘pay-it-forward’ in blessing many lives to come.  It is an honor to share a little bit of the journey with you.  Thank you again for visiting our Good Lab Outfitters site.  I hope you enjoy your visit, and may your life be touched and heart be filled by a very special Lab at some point in your journey.

Good Lab Outfitters…. Labradors for Life.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,

who have been called according to his purpose.”  Rom. 8:28