Hey Miley!, Guess what time it is!

Puppy News! I'm so, so, soooo excited and anxious. Breeding time has finally arrived once again! :)

I dropped Miley (our chocolate girl) off for a few days to 'rendezvous' with a haMiley_Nov2014ndsome guy named Jett. Also knows as CH Klassic’s Highvoltage F-18, MH. Jett is on the elite list of Labradors to receive the coveted Master Hunter Title. I am very drawn to this boy not only due to his intelligence, athletic ability, and proven performance record, but also because he portrays the personality and beauty I love to see in the Labrador Retriever. His head and coat are just gorgeous. Beauty, form, & function.... it is possible to have it all. <3

After a little researching, Miley has a chocolate brother (HRCH Riptides Hydrophilic Hammertime MH (Hydro), who has set records in HR points earned and apparently now has 2 Master National Passes, needing only 1 more to be in the Hall of Fame. :)) I've also read that as a stud, he is producing Grand Champions, Master Hunters, Hunter Retriever Champions, SRS finalists and some tremendous waterfowl dogs. Great work, bro! ;) Miley has a strong, proven performance pedigree and great health clearances behind her.

Miley, although very driven and ready to go at the hint of anything that looks like a gun or doing something fun and exciting, is a pile of cuddly mush in the house. One of our 'privied' ones that hangs inside much of the time. Based on the color genetics chart, this 'should' be a 50/50 litter of blacks and chocolates. Praying for a super blessed breeding. <3 I am sooooooo excited about this litter!! :) These pups will be bred with the best potential to do anything and everything their owners would want to do. (Except protection dogs.... not too keen on Labs going that route. ha. That's for the Shepherds to handle.)

You can see some of Jett's new babies just whelped yesterday and another litter just a few days ago over at RedMark Labrador Retrievers (FBpage), as well as some pics and info about him on their website at www.redmarklabradors.com. If you're wanting a performance Lab that is beautiful and can go from 'game on' to 'let's cuddle' all in the same day..... THIS is the litter.

If you've asked me about a black or chocolate pup, provided all goes well in the breeding, (which, I am believing for an amazing litter!) the time draweth near. <3 Puppies would be born in Jan., go home in March.

I'll share more news in a week or so.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!,

Hurley Wins Again!

Hurley_AustinKC_Apr2013My yellow baby boy is growing up into a lovely young man.  At 10 months of age, Hurley has been so much fun and is doing so well.  He is growing up to be quite a handsome lad with tremendous potential in every area.  Earlier this month, the Austin Kennel Club hosted an AKC All Breed Show in Austin, Texas, held at the Travis County Expo Center.  At this show, Hurley (Chambray Outfitters Thundering Surf) took 1st place in the 9-12 month Puppy Class and Reserve Winners Dog on both Saturday and Sunday.  Each trip out, he gets better and better, and I am so excited to make this journey into the show world together with him.  He is truly a love in every way.

Up next... my black boy Eli's debut (Outfitters Divine Double Portion).  His last scheduled show was rained out in quite a comical way and just did not happen for us as planned.  Hence, his day is still forth coming.  I can't wait to share how his outing goes.


First Show a Huge Success!

Chambray Outfitters Thundering Surf (Hurley) wins Reserve Champion Best in Show Puppy at 17 weeks old!  Two first place Best of Breed Puppy wins, a 1st and a 2nd in Sporting Group Puppies, and he also qualified for his IABCA National Title his first time out!  Way to Go Hurley!  :)


Outfitters Divine Double Portion (Eli) took 2 1st place Best of Breed Puppy Class wins and a 3rd place in Sporting Group Puppies.  Eli also earned 4 points over the weekend, qualifying him for his International Puppy Title in his first show out at 17 weeks of age!  So proud of this awesome boy.


New Kids on the Block

For the past several weeks we have been busy loving on and acclimating our new boys into the mix here on the ranch.  We are so excited to have these two wonderful boys join our family.  They have each been a delight from day one.  Not only are they our first true show prospects in house, they provide the opportunity to bring in some wonderful proven bloodlines into Good Lab Outfitters to better serve and provide for our Labrador families, when the appropriate time comes.  Over the next couple of years these two boys will be busy playing, learning, training, showing, competing, growing, obtaining all health clearances, and hopefully earning a few accolades along the way.  We will be traveling to our very first show this weekend to participate in the IABCA International Dog Show.  It will be fun to learn a few things, get out and see the sights, and see how these little whipper snappers do in the 3-6 month baby puppy classes.  Looking forward to some great fun.  At 17 weeks old, they have been phenomenal to work with and enjoy.  I can't wait to see how they do out and about.  Wish us luck!  Hopefully we'll have some great news to share in the next blog post!

Change-Ups & Other Exciting News!


**Breeding update:  Unfortunately the breeding of Sawyer and Miley did not take place.  We have decided to retire Sawyer as a stud and enjoy him for his other wonderful attributes as we shift to predominantly English lines and revamp our program a good bit.  A primary deciding factor here was that we discovered he holds the unfortunate status of being EIC affected which was a tremendously hard hit when I got that report back.  I honestly never would have suspected that with the kind of work ethic, stamina, and athleticism this awesome boy has.  He is perfectly fine, but that unfortunately DQ's him from the breeding team.  The EIC concern was not as prominent when I brought in Sawyer and it never occurred to me to test for that at that time.  However, we live and learn in the University of Life, and sometimes tough decisions have to be made.  Genetic testing for health clearances is an important part of Good Lab Outfitters' commitment to provide the best Labradors possible for our families. Therefore, the decision to retire him due to this one issue had to be made.  But, on the bright side!... He's happy as a clam!  He has never had any issue with EIC and now doesn't have to deal with so much testosterone.  ha.  Sawyer is such an amazing lab and has so much to offer simply in essence of who he is, but sadly, his two litters will be the only ones produced.  I often get reports from his puppy families sharing how wonderful their labs are in their lives.  This thrills my heart to know he was able to leave a wonderful blessing through his progeny in the lives of a few.  Time and opportunity pending.... I would like to pursue outlets of Therapy Work and Search and Rescue training for Sawyer.... With his keen senses, strong work ethic, and big teddy bear heart of gold, I believe he would excel at each of these tasks and be a blessing to countless people.  I'll let you know if/how we progress there.

As for Miley, she will be bred next time around, probably late winter/early spring, 2013.  Stud to be announced.

Miley is another one that really does need to be working.  This girl is an amazing, beautiful  retriever with all the drive one could want, but she also LOVES to cuddle up for some down time and snuggling to melt your heart.  She really does know how to make a person feel special and loved.  ;)  But when it's time to work or play.... she rules the field.  My personal opinion... Miley really is the perfect balance of an all-around labrador.  She is not hyper or over-active at all.... she works when it's time to work, and cuddles up like a teddy bear all other times.  Hopefully, again as time and opportunity allows, I can get her to the field and tack on some certification titles in the near future.  I'll keep you posted.  :)

Other planned litter announcements will be made soon as stud selections are nailed down.....  Lily & Mia will be bred this Fall and Miley and Brighton will be bred early 2013.  We have some fantastic pairings planned though!!!  Very, Very Exciting!!!  :)

Lastly.... this is a BIG day.... our beautiful Eli comes home today!!!  The dawn of a new season begins.  :)

Have a blessed week!,


New Beginnings

Although it's been a little while since the last update, good things just keep on happening! I do hope you are having a great summer so far, and that you are enjoying your special animals in your care.  Summer always seems to bring adjustments, change, new experiences, a greater level of care to be given with the heat, as well as a form of 'crunch-time' as we rush through, squeezing in every activity possible, and living life to it's fullest.    Things continue to change and develop here at Good Lab Outfitters.  I continue to get more and more excited to actually get to break into the Labrador Show World in the not-so-far off future! As far as our breeding goes, there are two super nice yellow and black litters planned for breeding in the Fall, with chocolates litters to be bred next Spring. Stud prospects for these upcoming litters have been unofficially selected, yet continue to be researched and considered in order to provide the best puppies for our puppy owners and families.
Meanwhile!.... drum-roll please..... Lord willing, we now anxiously await 2 (maybe 3) special boys in July and possibly September. As we adjust our focus toward strictly English Labradors lines, I am so excited to await our new precious show boys that will be a huge blessing to the GLO program.  With these little ones, we will be blessed with bringing in great, proven Am/Can/Int Champions and BISS Champion bloodlines that hold numerous coveted championship titles from the great Labrador Retriever Club Potomac Specialty Show, the Eukanuba National Championship titles (go Zeus!:), Westminster participants, and many UKC, AKC, and Labrador Specialty Show Championship titles.  These labs include the infamous BISS CH Leisure Suit Larry JH WC (Dauber) and MBISS Am/Can CH Beechcroft's Study in Black (Study) bloodlines in our black boy, and the amazing GCH Am/Can CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH CGC (Zeus) and BIS Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff THD NFP NJP (Hogan) lines for our yellow boy. Depending on just how crazy, smitten, and ambitious I'm feeling as we move forward.... there is also a very special chocolate show boy by the beautiful Am/Can CH Venetian's Copy That (Copy) x Dauber/Chambray bred lines to complete the Mighty English Trio as GLO's headliners.... and foundation for a wonderful, hopefully successful, life experience ahead.
Each of these little guys come from some of the world's most amazing Labradors in the history of the breed! Not only have they excelled greatly in the conformation show pen (which some very close yellow Zeus siblings are breaking some phenomenal show records right now through Chambray Labradors in Florida!!!), some have excelled greatly earning various field titles, working certificates, CGC certs, and have even proven to be fantastic Therapy Dogs, earning their certifications there as well. Calm, loving temperaments, easily teachable & trainable personalities and minds with proven championships and titles, good health, and natural beauty who are ready to be a blessing wherever they go, are all goals I aspire to as I forge ahead.  It is greatly important to me, as I continue to grow in pursuing my own passion for the Labrador breed, to provide the absolute best puppies possible for our Labrador families and owners.  A good lab quickly becomes an official member of the family, and that is something that lasts a lifetime.... or at least 12-15 years, hopefully. It is my aim to make that the best experience ever for our families. I have been so incredibly blessed and am deeply honored at the special breeders at Green Gables Farm and Chambray Labradors who have given me the opportunity to bring home these precious ones.  Great things lie ahead, and I am so excited about the adventures ahead over the next few years!  We will be busy, busy bees as we embark on new and exciting adventures. I truly believe God put these amazing labs in our lives as blessings in various ways.... It is my hope and prayer that through this journey, I will be able to provide and be a huge blessing to many others in the world through these little angels in fur.

Be blessed,Shana :)

Good Lab Outfitters.... Labradors For Life. 



Upcoming Litter & Change in the Air at Good Lab Outfitters

Just to offer a quick update to share that there will be some new growth and changes coming to Good Lab Outfitters this year.  First off... Good Lab Outfitters now has its own Facebook Page!!!  Visit us at http://facebook.com/goodlaboufitters and join our community of labrador fans and friends.

Secondly, unless I change my mind in the very near future to utilize a very special outside stud, we will be offering an absolutely stellar field bred litter by Sawyer x Miley.  This will be an all black, field bred litter that have that special 'hunting machine' and 'work' gene built right in.  If you love to hunt, try your hand at field trials, if you are looking for a perfect SAR, detection, or therapy dog, or if you would simply like to have a gorgeous, awesome workout partner that will jog with you, then come home to cuddle up for a good movie, this is the litter for you.

Sawyer and Miley both come from lineages full of hunt champions and have all the goods to pass down to their progeny to be champions themselves.  They both have incredibly strong retriever instincts, work ethic, drive, huge hearts, great, happy personalities, and a desire to team up and go to work.... or play.   However, they each absolutely love to come inside, snuggle up, and just love a while.  Extremely quiet and respectful inside with that wondeful, friendly disposition that have made the labrador retriever so desirable.  They truly are everybody's friend.  These particular pups will need plenty of opportunity to get out and play, run, and get adequate exercise daily.   The greater interaction and training, they greater they will become.

The Sawyer x Miley breeding is projected for May, 2012;  Whelping in July;  Off to new homes in September, 2012.   Of course, this is a balance with nature, so dates are approximate as to when breeding will take place.   Reservations are highly advised and pup selection is done in order of deposits received.  If desired color or gender is not available, or if circumstances change, deposit is refundable up to 6 weeks of age.

One change made to our program is that puppy selection will not take place until 7 weeks of age when their true personalities begin to blossom and shine through.  After spending so very much time raising, caring for, and analyzing each one as they grow, it is imperative to make sure puppy and owners are a good match for one another.  A thorough visit with anyone interested in reserving one of our lab puppies is a necessary part of this adoption process.  It is crucial to get to know our families, and make sure our pups have the very best homes possible, with all in place to set everyone up for success.

Competitive, therapy, SAR, and other service homes are highly encouraged and will given top priority.  Our pups are bred with amazing backgrounds and possibilities of what they are capable of accomplishing in their lifetimes.  If it is possible that they will go forth to serve as good samaritans in their communities, that is a great priority and blessing.  As a lab breeder, I adhere to the goal of pursuing the Betterment of the Breed with each litter producing the classic, ideal labrador retriever.  However, I'd like to take it a step further and encourage all of our new puppy owners and handlers to help them become all they can be, and to be a blessing to those around them.   For one thing, it gives them a job to occupy that intelligent mind and drive of theirs, and it is greatly rewarding for all involved.    At a bare minimum, I highly encourage and advise our families to search out a good training program and pursue their AKC S.T.A.R. puppy title, then on to their AKC Canine Good Citizen certification.  This will help ensure you have a good, mannerly canine family member.

A couple of other quick notes to touch on.... 2011 was an interesting year all around with extreme weather throughout, random challenges on occassion, and it wrapped up with a horrible tragedy early in December.  A random, unforeseen accident took the life of my beloved Chaps,  our chocolate stud, very unexpectedly.  This event shattered my heart, and still is a bit difficult to share.  But, life is a funny thing.... You never know when it will be the last time you see one you love.  This is why it is so important to live with no regrets, live positively, live life to it's fullest in a good way, and always, always, say I love you.... to all those you care about.  After losing Chaps I really had to take a step back, wipe away lots and lots of tears... (with a beach towel), and re-evaluate where Good Lab Outfitters whas going to go from here.  I could either let it dwindle down and just close up shop.  Or, I could take all I've learned over the past several years and initial breedings, make some adjustments, improvements, and press on to build it up as great as I possibly can for the blessing of others, the Betterment of the AKC Purebred Labrador Breed, and to pursue my own passion and interest in this project.  So, that's the road I've chosen.  It's been a great journey thus far, but I'm greatly excited about what the future holds.  Continued improvement, growth, certifications, trainings, and more are coming our way in our own kennel, and to help our families be the best they can be with their new lab pup.  We have some really, really exciting new bloodlines targeted to come into our family that will aid in our providing exceptional prospects in other areas as well.... not to mention producing beauty abundantly.  Pretty is as pretty does, but if you can have both, why not!?  :)

Keep checking back for updates regarding ensuing changes, improvements, and upcoming litters.     There's much more to share, but this is all for now.

Have a blessed week!,


Time for Some Pickin’ & Grinnin’

It's been a busy place the past few weeks, here at the ranch.  Puppies are growing, changing, and getting cuter and cuter everyday.  At 5 1/2 weeks old, it's time to begin meeting our new families.  A couple of puppies have been spoken for, but there are plenty of cute little fluffy ones to go around.  The big departure day to their new homes will be May 20, when puppies reach 8 weeks of age.  However, now is the time to make sure you have yours selected, secured, and ready to go.  Here's a sneak peak of the first 5 weeks with individual pics of each labrador puppy.

(**note:  when individual pics were taken, they had just eaten, played in the water a little, and sacked out.  Therefore, they all appear a bit groggy and a bit 'rag-a-muffin like' as they indeed were. ha.  I had to wake each of them up for their photo shoot and some of them just couldn't get the sleepy out of their eyes.  Gotta love those sleeping babies.)


Yellow Lab Puppies Almost Here!

Champion bred AKC Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies

by Sawyer x Lily

due to arrive around March 26, 2011

e-mail inquiries to:  shana.crossreignsranch@gmail.com.

Deposit required to reserve/hold puppy.

Personal phone visit with all prospective puppy owners is neccessary to ensure a good, safe, loving home for our labs.

Personal pick-up of puppy preferred.  May ship depending upon circumstances and approval.

We appreciate your interest in a Good Lab Outfitter pup!

Have a fantastic Spring Break!,