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For all you compassionate souls out there….The Animal Rescue Site

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“A good man takes care of his animals, but wicked men are cruel to theirs.”  Prov. 12:10

Good Lab Outfitters is primarily in business simply because I absolutely love animals.  With that, I also desire to be in business for myself doing something I love and am passionate about that also keeps me free to be available for my family whenever they need me.  Which means, being an entrepreneur suits me to a tee.  With life having many facets, as an entrepreneur, I have multiple interests like:  dogs, horses, cattle, hay, ranching, music, fashion, books, inspirational & motivational writing, and more.  A cruise through my sites and you’ll see that although they may seem a little diverse, in reality, they balance out life beautifully.  

Now, all that aside, my animal addiction is especially dear to me as they have been blessings to me at all the different stages of my life, even as a very small child.  Now, as a woman pushing 40, they’re still blessing me beyond measure.  I truly believe there is a peculiar healing of one’s heart and emotions that can only occur through our interactions with animals….   Which is why Therapy Animals are so wonderful in the ways they help people of all ages through challenging situations.   As you may know from reading other parts of this site (which I’m still adding to, so you’ll know more and more as we move along in site-building), my own personal preferences as a passionate business person are high quality, champion bred AKC Labradors Retrievers, AQHA Performance Quarter Horses, and Charolais & Black Angus Cattle.   But it hasn’t always been that way.  I have had (or have been around) several dogs, cats and horses along the way that were nothing special on paper – if they even had any, but were my best friends who were always there for me when life was good, bad, or ugly.  They were always there…. with tons of happy tail wags, affection, and willingness to put up with me no matter what. 

Bottom line is, there are countless animals sitting in shelters right now needing someone to ‘pick’ them, care for them, and provide the love and care they cannot provide for themselves so they may return that blessing many times over.  Abuse, neglect, and starvation are sad realities.  Now there is a very small thing we can all do to help….. with the simple click of a button.


Just click the Purple Paw Button to help feed rescue shelter animals so they do not starve.  It’s that easy.  If you’re led to do more, may you be richly blessed in your gift of compassion.

The Animal Rescue Site            

Thank you for your time in reading this, and your compassionate action to click where it counts.  😉

May you be richly blessed,


 Best Friends


The Animal Rescue Site