Something Positive On A More Serious Note…

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Unfortunately for Labrador Retrievers, along with other Large Breeds, Retrievers, and basically any breed of canine out there, registered or not, joint issues associated with arthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, OCD, degenerative joint disease, and more can creep up and cause discomfort, pain, and a dibilitating lifestyle.  There are many different dog health problems to be aware of, but as an owner of a large breed dog, it is wise to know a little about their physical development and your options in the event there is a concern.  For some, joint issues can produce very discouraging recommendations for surgery from vet professionals costing anywhere in the neighborhood of $2000 or more to fix the problem surgically.  Which, if money is an issue, can be detrimental news for the dog and emotionally devastating for their owners and families.  If budget allows, surgery may be the only way to go for many.  But, if it can be avoided with excellent results, wouldn’t that be awesome?!  

Personally, I believe many dog health problems can be headed off at the pass by attentive, responsible owners who take good care of their animals.  Sadly, many problems are clearly hereditary and maintenance is simply a way of life.  I am in NO WAY a vet or licensed animal care provider.  I am simply a fellow animal lover and owner who cares about the well being of animals and desire to help owners be prepared and have the tools and knowledge to manage situations as they arise.  So, I’m climbing out on a limb here to share what I’ve used in circumstances warranting attention that delivered AMAZING results. 

As a ‘horse’ owner, I’ve been in situations of needing to give joint supplements to my horses to keep them in good working order while they work hard for me.  As an owner of older labradors, I’ve been tuned in when they seem to be slowing down and getting a bit ‘stiff in the hind end.’  As an owner of young labs, I’ve watched each one go through their own individual growth spurts and development stages sometimes needing a little extra care in the event of growing pains.  

With labradors, each one has a unique personality with physical, mental, and emotional needs just as we humans do.  It is true that the American Field bred lines, although like mine, can be quiet and perfect inside, yet needing plenty of exercise outside to satisfy their natural love and drive to retrieve…. It’s just the way God made them, and I love it.  They have a ‘need to retrieve’ and work.   Which is one reason they make such great search & rescue dogs, drug dogs, service dogs, hunting companions, etc.  They can, however, overexert themselves during rapid growth periods of their development if the owner is not careful to limit this drive to run and play hard.

Although prescribed for horses, I’ve found that Cosequine ASU and Lubrisyn are fabulous, fabulous supplements for your uncomfortable canine as well.  Both products are available in ‘canine’ versions, so you would need to find the one that is right for you.  However since I had the equine version on hand, I scaled it down based upon weight dosage.  Again, I am in now way a licensed animal care professional, and only share my own experience to hopefully offer information to ponder in your own situation.  But – this stuff is amazing.  If you have a dog who is undergoing an issue with lameness, I’ve found that PATIENCE, WISDOM, and GOOD CHOICES are IMPERATIVE and will help bring forth your desired results. 

If your canine partner is a little stiff, talk with your vet first and maybe Cosequin ASU and/or Lubrisyn joint supplements could work for you too.  For me, as a rancher, AQHA horse owner, and Labrador owner/breeder, I will ALWAYS have it on-hand.  The results are well worth the investment.

Happy tails & blessings! ~