Who’s Helping Who?

Here at the ranch, there is alot of down-home hard work, joys, tears, laughter, and fears, victory, triumphs, trips, and falls…  Life just happens and we deal with each situation as they role in, good, bad, ugly and everything in between.  

Here, on our GoodLabOutfitters.com site, there are many wonderful supplies to help you, our friends, have all you need (and then some) to take the best care of your pet and enjoy them to the fullest.  However, this is simply an online store which contributes to the support of one of our greatest passions…. our Labs.  And for the record, my heartfelt thanks to you all for your busines and support of our program by finding your pet supplies in our online store as well as your purchase of one of our wonderful labrador puppies (coming Spring 2010), and providing them safe, loving homes.  This is of utmost importance to me and I appreciate your trust and commitment to providing a healthy, happy, safe, loving life.  Labradors are not doormats, they take commitment and guidance to become the greatest dogs they can be for you.  Your commitment is very important, greatly appreciated, and very rewarded as you end up with a dog that is a tremendous blessing instead of a nuisance to endure.

Occassionally, I’ll get a vibe from someone who may be wondering why in the world I am so dog and horse crazy since it is not always the most glamorous lifestyle around.  Having several animals to tend to (no matter the weather) daily definitely impacts the glamour factor on occassion. ha.  There are stalls and kennels to clean everyday.  Feeding, bathing, exercising, expenses, tedious scheduling for vacation time, an on and on.  So why do I love it so much?… Well, as with all my entrepreneurial endeavors, there is always a deeper meaning and purpose.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I tend to always gravitate back toward encouraging others to:

~ really listen to their hearts,

~ Dream Big, Aim High, and Believe in Themselves,

~ work hard,

~ be thankful in all things, and

~ always pursue their passions in life. 

Why?  Well, all I can think of is that this is something I wish I had had more of in my own life, so hopefully I can be a blessing to someone else by encouraging them.  I have found myself starving for encouragement at various times through life when crawling in a hole seemed like a much more appealing choice… much safer and easier. 

As far as the animals are concerned, it just so happens that at some of the loneliest, most difficult times of my life have been bearable only because there was a furry creature there at my side extending unconditional love in a very special way without any criticism, harsh words, betrayal, or pain of any kind.  Just warm, loving acceptance when the world seemed to be caving in, and no one in the world cared…. except that dog at my side, then later, a horse. 

Do I believe God uses animals to help heal a person’s heart? You bet I do.  Exhibit ‘A’ sits here, going out on a limb of transparency, writing this blog post.   It is difficult sharing that life has been a challenge at times.  Yet, I know I’m not alone.  We live in a very broken world.  There is pain and suffering of every kind all around us.  Some self inflicted by our own poor choices, some inflicted by the poor choices of others.  However, it is especially rewarding to share that God, through His son Jesus Christ, has seen me through every single moment, wiped away every tear, healed, strengthened, and blessed beyond measure in hopes that you too will hear that still small voice whispering into your heart how very much He loves you.  He knew you before the foundations of the world were in place, and created you very special and unique, He knows every struggle you have ever faced, and He cares… very, very much.  More than anyone could possibly care.  You are never alone in this world, He is always here – for you, no matter what.  One way God has touched my life is through animals, and I believe He does the same in many, many lives who may otherwise not be ready or able to trust fellow humans.  Here is one inspiring story….

Grab Your Copy of “Blind Hope” here:

Thank you for spending a few moments here with me at GoodLabOutfitters.com.  You are always welcome here.  If you’d like, feel free to check out my other links as well.  (hint:  you can knock out ALOT of Christmas shopping for just about anything you could want/need while you’re there!)  😉  

Happy tails & trails! 

Be blessed,



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