Is A Labrador Retriever Right For You?

As a lover and breeder of the beautiful, amazing AKC and UKC Labrador Retriever, I pray each one of our puppies will go the very best homes possible. With that, I encourage you to really think through all it takes to have and raise a Lab well. With a caring, responsible family, they will become the awesome poster-dog they are known to be.  However, ignored, abused, neglected, and/or left to themselves, they can become destructive and disobedient, which is NOT what they want and NOT their purpose in life.  As with so many things, we get out what we put into our interests.  If parents wish to have wonderful children, much time, love, and guidance must be sown into their upbringing.  Just the same, if we desire wonderful Labrador companions, we must invest into their lives as they pour rewards into ours. 

Here is an interesting link of several people’s take on this topic.  I hope you will think deeply as you consider welcoming a lab into your home.  They will be ready to love you unconditionally…. and they need the same from you.  Enjoy!