See Good Labs Grow

Click here for Good Lab Outfitters photo album

You may now watch Good Lab Outfitters puppies grow on FlickR!  As of today, puppies have several pics up of their first week of life.  Lily & Sawyer’s pics (along with their parents & grandparents) are still being uploaded.  Keep checking back for their updates.  Just click on the pic to get to the album. 

At a week old, all pups are doing wonderful and growing fast.  All pups are holding a very light shade of yellow with some a little lighter than others.  Dew claws have been removed, first trip to vet received thumbs up & looking good, snazzy reggae id collars are in place, and each day is a gift to see how they grow and change.  Lily has proven to be a stellar mom to her crew.  Very loving, gentle, and caring.  And, even Daddy Sawyer was allowed to meet and greet his babies (minus momma lily at the time).  Sawyer was amazing.  Very tender and gentle, he sniffed each one repeatedly, very softly.  Then gently sat next to them to just observe and slowly layed down next to them.  At that time, I had to warn him that he was in a firing zone should they wake up…. They may think it’s mealtime!  ha.  All that to say, both Lily & Sawyer have proven to be wonderful parents and amazing labs.  These little pups have all the makings to be top-notch in every way.

Have a blessed day!