Pups enjoy 3 week birthday!

The cake and ice cream may have been missing, but these precious little lab pups got to enjoy a fun time playing outside for their 3 week birthday.  With the weather still a little breezy and cool, most of their time has been spent indoors where it’s warm and cozy.  But today was a special day, so out we went! 

Our 3 big boys and 7 cute girls are growing daily and their personalities are really beginning to blossom.  Very fun to watch them play and wrestle with one another, try to give their own rendition of playful barking, and of course see who can climb to the top of the dogpile for the best sleeping conditions. 

To date, pups have:  slept, eaten, had dew claws removed, slept, eaten, had first vet check, slept, eaten, nails trimmed twice so far, slept, eaten, daily TLC (and lots of it!), slept, eaten, eyes are open, slept, eaten, walking has begun, slept, eaten, a little playtime kicking off, slept, eaten, and teeth are beginning to poke through just a tad.    So, as you can tell, there has been a lot of eating and sleeping going on in the puppy nursery.  Pups are  now  perking  up and beginning to play and enjoy life more and more each day.   Next:  nails stay neat and trim, more eating, sleeping and playing, ‘Intro to Eating 101’, and first dewormer just around the corner.  Can’t wait to meet all our new families!!!