Chocolate Lab Puppies, Snuggle’n & Snooze’n

Four weeks old and getting cuter by the minute!  Our beautiful little champion bred chocolate labrador retriever puppies are healthy, happy, and a bundle of love ‘n fun.  Dew claws, nail trims, eyes open, teeth coming in, solid soft food introduced, deworming, and lots & lots of playtime, naptime, mealtime and more… oh the fun we are having.  Currently only 1 boy and 1 girl left, but every single one is adorable and perfect in his or her own way.  If interested, let me know ASAP!  Don’t want you to miss out!   Puppy selections / assignments will begin at 5-6 weeks of age.  Puppies will be ready for new homes at 8 weeks of age, November 3.

Note:  1 boy and 1 girl have small white marks on their chests.  This is not uncommon in purebred labs, especially chocolates, and even though mom and dad do not have these, there is this funny thing called a recessive gene that can pop up every now and then.  There are no worries about these little white hairs, unless you’re headed to the AKC show ring or breeding…  then you would want to avoid this.  If either of those choices are an option, one would want to go with the solid.  However, there have been countless ‘perfect family pets’ and ‘champion hunting and field trial labs’ that have sported a little bling with their little white mark.  Personally, I think on the two we have  with this, it just makes them that much more special and unique…  No worries at all. 
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