Upcoming Litter & Change in the Air at Good Lab Outfitters

Just to offer a quick update to share that there will be some new growth and changes coming to Good Lab Outfitters this year.  First off… Good Lab Outfitters now has its own Facebook Page!!!  Visit us at http://facebook.com/goodlaboufitters and join our community of labrador fans and friends.

Secondly, unless I change my mind in the very near future to utilize a very special outside stud, we will be offering an absolutely stellar field bred litter by Sawyer x Miley.  This will be an all black, field bred litter that have that special ‘hunting machine’ and ‘work’ gene built right in.  If you love to hunt, try your hand at field trials, if you are looking for a perfect SAR, detection, or therapy dog, or if you would simply like to have a gorgeous, awesome workout partner that will jog with you, then come home to cuddle up for a good movie, this is the litter for you.

Sawyer and Miley both come from lineages full of hunt champions and have all the goods to pass down to their progeny to be champions themselves.  They both have incredibly strong retriever instincts, work ethic, drive, huge hearts, great, happy personalities, and a desire to team up and go to work…. or play.   However, they each absolutely love to come inside, snuggle up, and just love a while.  Extremely quiet and respectful inside with that wondeful, friendly disposition that have made the labrador retriever so desirable.  They truly are everybody’s friend.  These particular pups will need plenty of opportunity to get out and play, run, and get adequate exercise daily.   The greater interaction and training, they greater they will become.

The Sawyer x Miley breeding is projected for May, 2012;  Whelping in July;  Off to new homes in September, 2012.   Of course, this is a balance with nature, so dates are approximate as to when breeding will take place.   Reservations are highly advised and pup selection is done in order of deposits received.  If desired color or gender is not available, or if circumstances change, deposit is refundable up to 6 weeks of age.

One change made to our program is that puppy selection will not take place until 7 weeks of age when their true personalities begin to blossom and shine through.  After spending so very much time raising, caring for, and analyzing each one as they grow, it is imperative to make sure puppy and owners are a good match for one another.  A thorough visit with anyone interested in reserving one of our lab puppies is a necessary part of this adoption process.  It is crucial to get to know our families, and make sure our pups have the very best homes possible, with all in place to set everyone up for success.

Competitive, therapy, SAR, and other service homes are highly encouraged and will given top priority.  Our pups are bred with amazing backgrounds and possibilities of what they are capable of accomplishing in their lifetimes.  If it is possible that they will go forth to serve as good samaritans in their communities, that is a great priority and blessing.  As a lab breeder, I adhere to the goal of pursuing the Betterment of the Breed with each litter producing the classic, ideal labrador retriever.  However, I’d like to take it a step further and encourage all of our new puppy owners and handlers to help them become all they can be, and to be a blessing to those around them.   For one thing, it gives them a job to occupy that intelligent mind and drive of theirs, and it is greatly rewarding for all involved.    At a bare minimum, I highly encourage and advise our families to search out a good training program and pursue their AKC S.T.A.R. puppy title, then on to their AKC Canine Good Citizen certification.  This will help ensure you have a good, mannerly canine family member.

A couple of other quick notes to touch on…. 2011 was an interesting year all around with extreme weather throughout, random challenges on occassion, and it wrapped up with a horrible tragedy early in December.  A random, unforeseen accident took the life of my beloved Chaps,  our chocolate stud, very unexpectedly.  This event shattered my heart, and still is a bit difficult to share.  But, life is a funny thing…. You never know when it will be the last time you see one you love.  This is why it is so important to live with no regrets, live positively, live life to it’s fullest in a good way, and always, always, say I love you…. to all those you care about.  After losing Chaps I really had to take a step back, wipe away lots and lots of tears… (with a beach towel), and re-evaluate where Good Lab Outfitters whas going to go from here.  I could either let it dwindle down and just close up shop.  Or, I could take all I’ve learned over the past several years and initial breedings, make some adjustments, improvements, and press on to build it up as great as I possibly can for the blessing of others, the Betterment of the AKC Purebred Labrador Breed, and to pursue my own passion and interest in this project.  So, that’s the road I’ve chosen.  It’s been a great journey thus far, but I’m greatly excited about what the future holds.  Continued improvement, growth, certifications, trainings, and more are coming our way in our own kennel, and to help our families be the best they can be with their new lab pup.  We have some really, really exciting new bloodlines targeted to come into our family that will aid in our providing exceptional prospects in other areas as well…. not to mention producing beauty abundantly.  Pretty is as pretty does, but if you can have both, why not!?  🙂

Keep checking back for updates regarding ensuing changes, improvements, and upcoming litters.     There’s much more to share, but this is all for now.

Have a blessed week!,