Change-Ups & Other Exciting News!


**Breeding update:  Unfortunately the breeding of Sawyer and Miley did not take place.  We have decided to retire Sawyer as a stud and enjoy him for his other wonderful attributes as we shift to predominantly English lines and revamp our program a good bit.  A primary deciding factor here was that we discovered he holds the unfortunate status of being EIC affected which was a tremendously hard hit when I got that report back.  I honestly never would have suspected that with the kind of work ethic, stamina, and athleticism this awesome boy has.  He is perfectly fine, but that unfortunately DQ’s him from the breeding team.  The EIC concern was not as prominent when I brought in Sawyer and it never occurred to me to test for that at that time.  However, we live and learn in the University of Life, and sometimes tough decisions have to be made.  Genetic testing for health clearances is an important part of Good Lab Outfitters’ commitment to provide the best Labradors possible for our families. Therefore, the decision to retire him due to this one issue had to be made.  But, on the bright side!… He’s happy as a clam!  He has never had any issue with EIC and now doesn’t have to deal with so much testosterone.  ha.  Sawyer is such an amazing lab and has so much to offer simply in essence of who he is, but sadly, his two litters will be the only ones produced.  I often get reports from his puppy families sharing how wonderful their labs are in their lives.  This thrills my heart to know he was able to leave a wonderful blessing through his progeny in the lives of a few.  Time and opportunity pending…. I would like to pursue outlets of Therapy Work and Search and Rescue training for Sawyer…. With his keen senses, strong work ethic, and big teddy bear heart of gold, I believe he would excel at each of these tasks and be a blessing to countless people.  I’ll let you know if/how we progress there.

As for Miley, she will be bred next time around, probably late winter/early spring, 2013.  Stud to be announced.

Miley is another one that really does need to be working.  This girl is an amazing, beautiful  retriever with all the drive one could want, but she also LOVES to cuddle up for some down time and snuggling to melt your heart.  She really does know how to make a person feel special and loved.  😉  But when it’s time to work or play…. she rules the field.  My personal opinion… Miley really is the perfect balance of an all-around labrador.  She is not hyper or over-active at all…. she works when it’s time to work, and cuddles up like a teddy bear all other times.  Hopefully, again as time and opportunity allows, I can get her to the field and tack on some certification titles in the near future.  I’ll keep you posted.  🙂

Other planned litter announcements will be made soon as stud selections are nailed down…..  Lily & Mia will be bred this Fall and Miley and Brighton will be bred early 2013.  We have some fantastic pairings planned though!!!  Very, Very Exciting!!!  🙂

Lastly…. this is a BIG day…. our beautiful Eli comes home today!!!  The dawn of a new season begins.  🙂

Have a blessed week!,