Hey Miley!, Guess what time it is!

Miley_Nov2014Puppy News! I’m so, so, soooo excited and anxious. Breeding time has finally arrived once again! šŸ™‚

I dropped Miley (our chocolate girl) off for a few days to ‘rendezvous’ with a handsome guy named Jett. Also knows as CH Klassicā€™s Highvoltage F-18, MH. Jett is on the elite list of Labradors to receive the covetedĀ Master Hunter Title. I am very drawn to this boy not only due to his intelligence, athletic ability, and proven performance record, but also because he portrays the personality and beauty I love to see in the Labrador Retriever. His head and coat are just gorgeous. Beauty, form, & function…. it is possible to have it all. <3

After a little researching, Miley has a chocolate brother (HRCH Riptides Hydrophilic Hammertime MH (Hydro), who has set records in HR points earned and apparently now has 2 Master National Passes, needing only 1 more to be in the Hall of Fame. :)) I’ve also read that as a stud, he is producing Grand Champions, Master Hunters, Hunter Retriever Champions, SRS finalists and some tremendous waterfowl dogs. Great work, bro! šŸ˜‰ Miley has a strong, proven performance pedigree and great health clearances behind her.

Miley, although very driven and ready to go at the hint of anything that looks like a gun or doing something fun and exciting, is a pile of cuddly mush in the house. One of our ‘privied’ ones that hangs inside much of the time. Based on the color genetics chart, this ‘should’ be a 50/50 litter of blacks and chocolates. Praying for a super blessed breeding. <3 I am sooooooo excited about this litter!! šŸ™‚ These pups will be bred with the best potential to do anything and everything their owners would want to do. (Except protection dogs…. not too keen on Labs going that route. ha. That’s for the Shepherds to handle.)

You can see some of Jett’s new babies just whelped yesterday and another litter just a few days ago over at RedMark Labrador Retrievers (FBpage), as well as some pics and info about him on their website at www.redmarklabradors.com. If you’re wanting a performance Lab that is beautiful and can go from ‘game on’ to ‘let’s cuddle’ all in the same day….. THIS is theĀ litter.

If you’ve asked me about a black or chocolate pup, provided all goes well in the breeding, (which, I am believing for an amazing litter!) the time draweth near. <3 Puppies would be born in Jan., go home in March.

I’ll share more news in a week or so.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!,