Training Tip ‘O the Day to Ya… The Power of ‘Place’

Good morning!

Hope you’re getting ready for a great weekend. One of the things we are doing around here is getting a bit more serious and focused on our manners and official training. Living on a ranch and being a bit of a mushy, ‘push-over,’ stay-at-home-mom type, my journey with these Labs has been chock full of life lessons, fun, development, and sometimes a little slower at getting serious and professional than we should…. but those days are behind us…. every day is a new beginning and great things are shining through!

Life with our beloved canines,… it’s all about the fun and companionship, right? But, sometimes too much fun and not enough healthy boundaries and guidelines has it’s drawbacks. We have unfortunately developed a few habits that need some…. ‘refining.’ Nothing earth shattering, but enough that I have come to the ‘A-ha!’ moment of decision that…. it’s time to kick it up a notch and be a tad more professional. All my crew are like my babies, and sometimes they can be a bit spoiled, or forget their manners a little. That being said, for a while now, their world is slowly transforming into a ‘work for your play and praise by good behavior and obedience’ kind of world. In all honesty, we aren’t finished yet, but they are doing fantastic and I’m getting really excited about the doors of opportunity that will open wide for them with their newfound better behavior and training.  These Labs… they got skillz. 😉 We’re just chipping away the stuff those ‘skills’ are buried under. Then polishing them up so they can shine. Kind of like a hidden diamond that must be put through the fire, molded, cut, shaped into the beauty it beholds.

Kind of like what God does with us…. He created each of us with so much potential and purpose, but sometimes we get a little off base, discouraged, buried under the weight of our own little world, or maybe have never had certain opportunities, maybe we’ve never believed we could possibly do something really cool and great, and end up not even realizing our own potential.  Yet with a little encouragement, with a little glimmer of hope, wisdom, knowledge, determination, and some good old-fashioned pruning of the old ways to accentuate and develop the good, new ways, we can grow, prosper, and discover a greater level of accomplishment, opportunities, and joy in life.  Don’t stay stuck in a rut…. aim higher…. and start climbing.

Now, regarding our task at hand,… with a few on the roster, it is taking a bit of time to filter through ‘unlearning old ways and reconditioning new, better ways’ for everyone, but we’re getting there and I couldn’t be more proud of them. In tackling this new way of being, I have gleaned training expertise from a few fabulous trainers including Duke Ferguson and Bill Hillmann for starters. I’ll toss out little tidbits of wisdom I’ve learned from them over the days, weeks, and months ahead as well. Today however, I’m sharing a clip I just came across this morning simply because the concepts of what we are doing here now on a daily basis are pretty close to the same as he’s showing here, and….. he’s demonstrating with a Labrador. And since I’m all about that bass…. oops, I mean that Lab, I kind of took a quick liking to this video clip and thought I’d share. 🙂 Good stuff here. If you have a ‘full of him/herself’ Lab, don’t fret. Celebrate their uniqueness and happy-go-lucky way of seeing life. They have the most amazing abilities when trained and taught well. Their potential is truly overflowing. Enjoy their love and curiosity of the world around them, and simply learn to help them mature and channel it in a healthy direction.  Deep breath, gain some wisdom and knowledge, know that you both have it in you to be fabulous, then work consistently and patiently, and watch the progress begin to blossom…. it is such a great feeling to see the progress! Kind of euphoric, actually. Ha. When you’re at your wits end, wisdom and knowledge along with gentle, respectful determination and action can be life savers for everyone involved. It is heartbreaking to know how many precious Labs are dropped off at shelters because their owners just didn’t know or take the time to learn how to help them. Hope…. hang on to it and help your beloved K9 be the best they were born to be.

Be blessed,

Dream Big. Make an Impact. Leave a Legacy. 

He says, “Be still, and know……”  Ps. 46:10 NIV