Outfitters Sawyer Royale

FC Riparian Easyrider x Windcreek’s High Flyer

12.21.07 – 01.07.16



Date Whelped: 12/21/07

AKC# SR47012805

AKC DNA Verified #V657153

CHIC#: 84571

OFA Hip- LR-187580F28M-VPI Fair

OFA Elbow- LR-EL47362M28-VPI Normal

CERF- LR-374605 (2/16/12) Clear/Normal



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Sawyer has been a delight and blessing since day one.  Upon picking him up from the airport, this handsome little boy immediately stole my heart.  It did not take long to realize this sweet little boy was also a retrieving machine!   He has the most amazing work ethic and stamina of any dog I’ve seen, and he will work with all his heart as long as needed or wanted.  He has extremely keen senses, can run like the wind, and is extremely athletic and fit.  I have often referred to him as our ‘Iron Man’ as he is solid muscle with little to no fat on him. This boy would have been a phenomenal SAR dog… and I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day I’ll have the opportunity to train him for that line of work as I know, without a doubt, he would be amazing.

In addition to his awesome skills, talents, and capabilities, Sawyer has the kindest, gentlest, most loving personality and way about him.  At this point, along with wanting to try some SAR with him, I am also looking forward to him trying his paw at Therapy Dog training and work as he just has a way about loving on people.  Indoors, he is a love-bug and big marshmallow, outdoors… it’s game on, ‘let’s play!’… and if you don’t want to throw the tennis ball for hours, it must be hidden.  Then that keeps him busy sniffing it out for a while.  ha. That is definitely his favorite game to play with anyone and everyone he meets.  It’s a bit of an ice-breaker to help people feel more at home and comfortable, and he has a blast. 😉   I must say though that, as he is getting a little bit older and now coming on 5 years old, he is much more laid back about it.  He may not be the full-bodied english style lab that I also love, however this is one love-bug of a Lab that epitomizes the perfect Labrador Retriever that can do it all… with a heart of gold.  We do love our special boy, Sawyer! <3

*Note:  Retired.  Not available for Stud.  Information for Sawyer is shared for reference only as he is an integral part of our Lab family and has contributed to the foundation lines of Good Lab Outfitters.  Sadly, the decision was made to retire him once we discovered he is EIC Affected and should not continue as a stud dog.  We do have his daughter Mia who carries the EIC gene, but is not ‘Affected’, therefore can be safely and responsibly bred.  Mia carries so many of his wonderful traits that we may pass along to future generations through careful genetic testing and screening.  Hence passing down the wonderful traits this bloodline has to offer to generations to come.

 Our very special boy, Sawyer, is the sire to our yellow girl, Outfitters Shabby Chic Mia, to whom he has passed on his loving heart, excellent work ethic and drive, keen senses, and amazing athleticism.  This boy never ceases to amaze me…. At only 4 1/2 years old, he has so much potential.  He has been retired from our breeding program primarily due to health clearances not being quite as strong as I would like and need them to be [EIC affected. 🙁  ], but there is so very much potential wrapped up in this wonderful, loving heart of gold.  In moving forward, I continue to look forward to the opportunity to get him out there in various activities.  He is a natural at hunt retrieving, but this boy would also be an amazing therapy dog as he has the most loving personality and he turns into a big mush with attention…. not to mention his coat feels like velvet (except for his back) and can be addicting to rub on and pet.  😉   Then, he would also make an amazing SAR or detection dog…. that nose is phenomenal, and the potential – endless – all in that perfect Labrador Retriever way.