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What’s On Your Lab’s Christmas List?

Christmas Idea for Your Special Labrador!

All Size Dog Toys for Energetic Dogs Any of us who have a Labrador Retriever (or any other playful, active dog,) in our lives know just how much they LOVE playing and having something in their mouths,…. at all times. Especially if it’s a challenge and they have to work at it! Whether you have an active, playful, curious puppy, a gnarly teenager, or an adult dog who could use a new play toy to keep them entertained, this is a fantastic tool to use. Toys with purpose are the best. The Tether Tug is good for their physical fitness, mental engagement, and focus as they enjoy playing and interacting in such a great activity.  

Dog Toys for All Sizes & Energy Levels

Make Your Dog’s Christmas Tuggerific!

Have you tried Victor Dog Food?

With all the dog food options, it is so easy to get totally confused and lost in the mix.  One thing is for sure though, you want the very best for your pup….. and that will not be found at your local Grocery, Target or WalMart store. I have tried several different foods over the years, and a few that I have as my favorites. However, I am always keeping my eye open for the very best quality food at the best price.  Victor Dog Food is one that I have been seeing and hearing some great things about, so I’m giving it a try.  The challenge is, it is only sold at select stores. But!!! You can order your dog food online and have it scheduled to show up at your doorstep! Easy as pie. has it for a great price with free delivery on their auto-ship program. Or, you can get the similar great deal here through Amazon.  Here is a link with the formula I feel is best for our beloved Labs with a bit of Glucosamine and Chondroitin mixed in to help support for the ever so important joint health, if you want to give it a try.

Happy tails & blessings!,

shana 🙂

Some very special English Lab Puppies almost here!!!

Aspen x Branch

We are so excited as we approach the due date of this lovely breeding. We absolutely cannot wait to see and welcome these very special, stunning Labrador Retriever puppies! Our lovely Aspen, Mtn. Meadow Diamond in the Rough, from Greenstone Labradors has been bred to the gorgeous stud, Branch, MBISS GCH Fairlane Hickory Branch at Paradocs.  All puppies are spoken for (provided the right color and gender show up.) If you are interested in being on the waiting list in the event puppies come available from this litter or future Good Lab Outfitter litters, feel free to e-mail

All puppies are sold on Limited Registration and are not for breeding. Parents have their panel of health certifications, and puppies come with a 26 month hip and elbow health guarantee. Inquiry does not guarantee a pup. All inquiries are greatly considered to ensure the best possible home and placement for puppy as well as interested parties. Puppy inquiry for service, performance, or formal activities/competition given top consideration.

Have a super blessed day!,

shana 🙂

Making Good Labs Great

The past week spent with these awesome people has been life changing in many ways…. Good ways. Sean O’shea of The Good Dog with the beautiful Laura Morgan, along with Jeff Gellmann of Solid K9 Training. Can’t wait to share more with you soon! 

Blessings!, Shana  

Hurley’s Going to be a Daddy!

Hurley’s Stud Career is officially underway.  With health clearances done and beautifully cleared, training and competition career gearing up once again, He is officially on the market for approved girls. First breeding just confirmed!… He did well. 😉 Redmark Labradors will be welcoming a beautiful yellow litter by Hurley (Chambray Outfitters Thundering Surf, WC) and their beautiful girl, Kaymie (Highvoltage Klassic Kaymie, JH) around May 7.  I can’t wait to see these little cuties packed with potential!

Other upcoming breedings happening soon with Hurley to our yellow girl, Mia for an all yellow litter, and possibly a breeding to our chocolate girl, Miley for an all black litter.  Miley has only had one litter, which produced our girl Brighton, who looks very much like her daddy, Chaps.  This would be her final breeding before retirement. If we decide to do that breeding, I look forward to some beautiful little black bundles to love on as both Hurley and Miley are super special Labs. Miley and Mia both are all business at work, and all mush in the house. They both LOVE to retrieve, and they LOVE to cuddle. Perfect balance. 🙂  Lord willing, we’ll have a successful breeding for both.  The pups from all three litters, will not only be beautiful, but packed with potential, producing gorgeous Lab pups with great temperaments, loving personalities, as well having as much drive as you need, to do whatever you desire. Happy hunters, players, competitors, and loungers alike!  More information regarding these litter will be forthcoming as breeding time approaches.

Happy tails!, shana

Hurley2half Kaymie of Redmark Labradors



















Hey Miley!, Guess what time it is!

Miley_Nov2014Puppy News! I’m so, so, soooo excited and anxious. Breeding time has finally arrived once again! 🙂

I dropped Miley (our chocolate girl) off for a few days to ‘rendezvous’ with a handsome guy named Jett. Also knows as CH Klassic’s Highvoltage F-18, MH. Jett is on the elite list of Labradors to receive the coveted Master Hunter Title. I am very drawn to this boy not only due to his intelligence, athletic ability, and proven performance record, but also because he portrays the personality and beauty I love to see in the Labrador Retriever. His head and coat are just gorgeous. Beauty, form, & function…. it is possible to have it all. <3

After a little researching, Miley has a chocolate brother (HRCH Riptides Hydrophilic Hammertime MH (Hydro), who has set records in HR points earned and apparently now has 2 Master National Passes, needing only 1 more to be in the Hall of Fame. :)) I’ve also read that as a stud, he is producing Grand Champions, Master Hunters, Hunter Retriever Champions, SRS finalists and some tremendous waterfowl dogs. Great work, bro! 😉 Miley has a strong, proven performance pedigree and great health clearances behind her.

Miley, although very driven and ready to go at the hint of anything that looks like a gun or doing something fun and exciting, is a pile of cuddly mush in the house. One of our ‘privied’ ones that hangs inside much of the time. Based on the color genetics chart, this ‘should’ be a 50/50 litter of blacks and chocolates. Praying for a super blessed breeding. <3 I am sooooooo excited about this litter!! 🙂 These pups will be bred with the best potential to do anything and everything their owners would want to do. (Except protection dogs…. not too keen on Labs going that route. ha. That’s for the Shepherds to handle.)

You can see some of Jett’s new babies just whelped yesterday and another litter just a few days ago over at RedMark Labrador Retrievers (FBpage), as well as some pics and info about him on their website at If you’re wanting a performance Lab that is beautiful and can go from ‘game on’ to ‘let’s cuddle’ all in the same day….. THIS is the litter.

If you’ve asked me about a black or chocolate pup, provided all goes well in the breeding, (which, I am believing for an amazing litter!) the time draweth near. <3 Puppies would be born in Jan., go home in March.

I’ll share more news in a week or so.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!,

Hurley Wins Again!

Hurley_AustinKC_Apr2013My yellow baby boy is growing up into a lovely young man.  At 10 months of age, Hurley has been so much fun and is doing so well.  He is growing up to be quite a handsome lad with tremendous potential in every area.  Earlier this month, the Austin Kennel Club hosted an AKC All Breed Show in Austin, Texas, held at the Travis County Expo Center.  At this show, Hurley (Chambray Outfitters Thundering Surf) took 1st place in the 9-12 month Puppy Class and Reserve Winners Dog on both Saturday and Sunday.  Each trip out, he gets better and better, and I am so excited to make this journey into the show world together with him.  He is truly a love in every way.

Up next… my black boy Eli’s debut (Outfitters Divine Double Portion).  His last scheduled show was rained out in quite a comical way and just did not happen for us as planned.  Hence, his day is still forth coming.  I can’t wait to share how his outing goes.


First Show a Huge Success!

Chambray Outfitters Thundering Surf (Hurley) wins Reserve Champion Best in Show Puppy at 17 weeks old!  Two first place Best of Breed Puppy wins, a 1st and a 2nd in Sporting Group Puppies, and he also qualified for his IABCA National Title his first time out!  Way to Go Hurley!  🙂


Outfitters Divine Double Portion (Eli) took 2 1st place Best of Breed Puppy Class wins and a 3rd place in Sporting Group Puppies.  Eli also earned 4 points over the weekend, qualifying him for his International Puppy Title in his first show out at 17 weeks of age!  So proud of this awesome boy.


New Kids on the Block

For the past several weeks we have been busy loving on and acclimating our new boys into the mix here on the ranch.  We are so excited to have these two wonderful boys join our family.  They have each been a delight from day one.  Not only are they our first true show prospects in house, they provide the opportunity to bring in some wonderful proven bloodlines into Good Lab Outfitters to better serve and provide for our Labrador families, when the appropriate time comes.  Over the next couple of years these two boys will be busy playing, learning, training, showing, competing, growing, obtaining all health clearances, and hopefully earning a few accolades along the way.  We will be traveling to our very first show this weekend to participate in the IABCA International Dog Show.  It will be fun to learn a few things, get out and see the sights, and see how these little whipper snappers do in the 3-6 month baby puppy classes.  Looking forward to some great fun.  At 17 weeks old, they have been phenomenal to work with and enjoy.  I can’t wait to see how they do out and about.  Wish us luck!  Hopefully we’ll have some great news to share in the next blog post!