Aspen x Branch

We are so excited as we approach the due date of this lovely breeding. We absolutely cannot wait to see and welcome these very special, stunning Labrador Retriever puppies! Our lovely Aspen, Mtn. Meadow Diamond in the Rough, from Greenstone Labradors has been bred to the gorgeous stud, Branch, MBISS GCH Fairlane Hickory Branch at Paradocs.  All puppies are spoken for (provided the right color and gender show up.) If you are interested in being on the waiting list in the event puppies come available from this litter or future Good Lab Outfitter litters, feel free to e-mail

All puppies are sold on Limited Registration and are not for breeding. Parents have their panel of health certifications, and puppies come with a 26 month hip and elbow health guarantee. Inquiry does not guarantee a pup. Our puppies are few and far between, and each breeding consists of a great deal of time, heart, and effort. Puppy placement with their future owners is taken very seriously. All inquiries are greatly considered to ensure the best possible home and placement for puppy as well as making sure said puppy is the best fit for inquiring party. Puppy inquiry for service, performance, or formal activities/competition given top consideration.

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Past Litter Pups


Mia x Hurley pups from September, 2015


Mia x Thorn pups from May, 2013



‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.’

Chaps x Miley litter


Each litter has been and is planned with very carefully selected English Labrador studs based upon health, conformation, versatility, personality, balance of features with our girls, and over-all soundness.  Hours upon hours have been and are being spent combing through countless studs to pick out those needles in a haystack that will make the best pairings with our girls to further enhance and improve the Good Lab Outfitters program, provide the best possible labrador puppies for our extended families, and of course, contribute to the Betterment of the Breed by seeking to improve with each litter produced.  I am very hopeful and excited about the yellow, black, and chocolate puppies we have to look forward to!!!  They will be stunning!

With all of our Labs coming from quality backgrounds, they also carry with them a strong history of health clearances including OFA hips, OFA elbows, PRA/prcd, CERF eyes, EIC and CNM clearance. Although there is always room for error, great care and precaution has been taken to ensure the best quality, all-around puppies for our friends and customers.

Here are a few basic details:

  • Puppies will be ready for new homes at 8 weeks of age
  • Deposit of $200 required to reserve puppy
  • Strongid-T Deworming; 1st puppy shots & vet health checks
  • MicroChip
  • AKC Limited Registration
  • Certified Pedigree
  • Hip/Elbow Health Guarantee
  • More goodies, tips, and puppy pack to get you off to a great start, along with ongoing support as puppy grows.
  • Peace in knowing if something should arise and you cannot keep puppy, they will always be welcomed back for any reason
  • Shipping possibly available, depending upon circumstances and only if absolutely necessary.  (crate & travel expenses apply)

Puppy selection is be done in the order of inquiry/application/deposits received and begin no earlier than 7 weeks of age (possibly later) when puppy’s true personality begins to blossom and conformation may be better analyzed for our own future prospects/keepers.  Sometimes this may take slightly longer as it depends upon how they are developing and how well we can see their personalities and conformation traits as well. In light of growing our program, we will be selecting a puppy or two to raise and move along from each litter and placing others from there. Since we have spent tons of time with the puppies we breed and produce, we get to know them quite well.  After visiting with and approving our new owners, we happily assist in making sure each family has the best puppy for them in order to set everyone up for success. They will be ready to go to their new homes no earlier than 8 weeks of age.

One of the most important aspects of bringing home a new puppy is to make sure you’ve thought it through and prepared thoroughly ahead of time. A few important points to tend to:  Puppy will need good, quality large-breed puppy food (not from the grocery store or Wal-Mart, but Tractor Supply Co and select Pet Supply Stores carry some good, quality brands), fresh clean water, appropriate, safe housing, fencing, and shelter to shield from the elements of weather and have a safe, cozy place to be comfortable; a crate for indoors (which has multiple benefits); prep for first aid if needed, vets phone number handy, Vetricyn for rashes, boo-boo’s, eyes, ears, and just about anything (I love that stuff!), and plenty of appropriate, safe chew toys as they have an inherent need to have things in their mouths… especially while teething. Our pets extend endless amounts of love and loyalty to us… let’s make sure we always take the very best care of them too.

With all the care sown into our labs and puppies produced, it goes without saying, all families/puppy owners will be carefully screened and interviewed to insure the absolute best homes for our puppies.  They are an extension of our own family and we desire all the best for them in their lifetime.  The puppies produced at Good Lab Outfitters come with health guarantee, and have been carefully produced.  Furthermore, they will always have a home here at the ranch in the event their owners find themselves in a place of needing to re-home their lab.

Thanks so much for your interest in one of our labrador puppies.  It is an honor to place such wonderful dogs in wonderful homes.  As I’ve mentioned on other pages/articles.  Doing things with your lab is greatly important to me.  They truly are a part of the family and incredibly intelligent and gifted.  Working with them is not only for their good, they quickly fill your heart by becoming a very close, loving companion and team member to you, and your efforts can become a wonderful way to ‘pay it forward’ and be a blessing to others around you as well.  AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, AKC CGC, Service dogs, Search and Rescue, Therapy Work, Reading Dogs, Obedience, Rally, Working Retrievers, and on and on…. these are all just an idea of some things to think about pursuing and getting involved in with your special labrador.   And the best part!…. You both will have Tons of Fun!  🙂

Dream Big, Make an Impact, Leave a Legacy.


Feel free to call, text, or e-mail inquiries.

As with all our puppies, all potential homes will be pre-approved to ensure a perfect match for both puppy owner/family and puppy.  In light of breeding for the betterment of our program, Good Lab Outfitters reserves first pick/s of each litter. Good Lab Outfitters reserves the right to refuse sale or transfer of any puppy at any time if concern arises.  Safety, TLC, and the best interest of both puppy and owner is our goal and commitment.