Older Labs

Retirement Homes Being Considered

First off, this is my bittersweet page.  Every lab in my care is part of our family and given great love, care, and attention.  They truly are my babies…. all of them.  However, in times of growth and kennel management, some tough decisions may need to be made to place a lab in a forever, loving home where they are king or queen of the home.  It is important to keep numbers down so that plenty of focused attention may be given to each one in our care to bring everyone along to their full potential.  With that said, there may be times, on occasion, that an older lab pup or retiree may be available.

If you are interested in providing a forever, loving home for one of our older labs or puppies, please send me an email sharing a little about yourself, what life would be like for a Lab in your care, and what you’re looking for in a mature Labrador.  
Inquiries may be submitted via e-mail to: shana.crossreignsranch@gmail.com.