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What’s On Your Lab’s Christmas List?

Christmas Idea for Your Special Labrador!

All Size Dog Toys for Energetic Dogs Any of us who have a Labrador Retriever (or any other playful, active dog,) in our lives know just how much they LOVE playing and having something in their mouths,…. at all times. Especially if it’s a challenge and they have to work at it! Whether you have an active, playful, curious puppy, a gnarly teenager, or an adult dog who could use a new play toy to keep them entertained, this is a fantastic tool to use. Toys with purpose are the best. The Tether Tug is good for their physical fitness, mental engagement, and focus as they enjoy playing and interacting in such a great activity.  

Dog Toys for All Sizes & Energy Levels

Make Your Dog’s Christmas Tuggerific!